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About William Ash


Since a young age I've been enamored with digital art and photography. In my Junior year of high school, immersed myself in the school's photography and design program. That experience culminated in numerous awards during my senior year of high school, honorable mention at the Iowa State Fair and a best in digital photography award at the CIML Art Show.

In 2015 I began work for Trend magazine, a student run fashion magazine, as a photography director and video director. As one of the directors, my primary jobs was to coordinate with the fashion teams to ensure the photo shoots go smoothly, operate professional lighting equipment, and to act as the lead photographer. 

My professional career has run tangential to my student life. In 2011 I began my portrait photography business with my first client that summer. Since then, I've expanded into videography and design, with my first large project for a start-up agricultural business in the early part of 2013. In May 2016 my team and I were selected a semi finalists for the national Collegiate Effie advertising competition. As of November 2017 I have finished my work in the start-up world and have began working at Wells Fargo as a home preservation specialist.